News! Update! 'Extra Extra' and Such

It’s the end of September; I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking: “What the heck?! The first Hike the Divide video was supposed to have been released by now, and I haven’t even seen a teaser video!” I understand your frustration, and I’m sorry to have put you through such utter torment…

Here’s the deal: Kristen, my amazing producer and editor, and I have decided that it would be far too logistically difficult to create high quality videos while I’m still hiking the trail. I only get access to internet once a week on average, and the back and forth of generating rough drafts, providing feedback, making adjustments and THEN having to write and record voice over narration without the proper equipment or facilities… well, it just wouldn’t result in the type of content we think would adequately convey Hike the Divide’s message. And that’s the important part, right? Sure, we could have a video with lots of cool hiking footage ready for you now, but this isn’t my story as much as it’s the story of the amazing folks I’ve met and the immensely important work they’re doing.

So! While it was a tough call to make, we’ve decided to push the release of Hike the Divide’s first video to a later date when the two of us can put our heads together and accomplish the necessary legwork with the proper resources. Realistically, this probably means a release date in early 2017. I will continue to publish short blog profile features of the movers and shakers with whom I’ve been meeting, so don’t fret too much.  

Much love and a few friendly reminders: Otro Mundo es Posible! We are the people we’ve been waiting for! It’s in our hands!