So here's the deal: I self-funded my hike, and the project is entirely independent and not-for-profit. When you contribute to this campaign, you are helping to fund post-production costs. We have logged countless hours on the post-production process alone, and there is still a lot of work to be done. We're only able to continue this work due to the generous contributions of those who have donated to this campaign. None of the funding goes to me; it is strictly to support the editors. 

The higher our budget, the better the final product will be; the better the documentary, the broader the audience will be that hears these stories. That's what it's all about - reaching as many people as possible with this narrative of positive change. 

Let’s be honest. Hike the Divide is all about positive messaging, but it’s obvious that we are being presented a choice between a stable, livable planet and climate chaos. We can no longer pretend it’s just a problem for the kids, for future generations, for polar bears and coral reefs or for people in other parts of the world. The window for action is shrinking. Will you help us inspire the human species to take the reins on our collective future? After all, as the saying goes, there is no Planet B.